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The MoFa-Konfigurator

A vision of the future becomes reality

Set standards – open up new dimensions

Our modular production technology, the MoFa philosophy, continues on consistently into the future. With our new, unique MoFa-Konfigurator, the recipe-controlled chemical industry can now virtually simulate its production.

Based on product specification and formulation, the MoFa-Konfigurator determines all process parameters necessary for producing the desired result. This ranges from amounts and timing of added resources, the necessary staff and the type of detergent to the time required and costs.

This process data can be transferred to any MoFa system, thus ensuring uniform global production. Scale-ups and technology transfer are simple and convenient at each location.

And since a picture or movie is worth a 1000 words, we provide you exclusively with the production of hydro pigment paste red on a Mini-MoFa 2 with real-time measurement. You move around in the 3D space and can keep track of all process tools from different perspectives in multi-media form.

Click here for preview.


Please note that the MoFa-Konfigurator has long loading times – depending on the bandwidth.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that the use of the MoFa-Konfigurator has been optimized for Google Chrome. Using a different browser may lead to display problems. The same applies if a browser plug-in protection is active.

If you are experiencing problems or extremely long loading times, you can download all the relevant files for the MoFa-Konfigurator and then open the browser offline. No installation of any kind is necessary. 

You can download the MoFa-Konfigurator here.