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for modular manufacturing technology

Hemmelrath Technologies GmbH

We support you with the modularization of your recipes and advise you on the introduction of cost-effective and sustainable production technology.

Based on our know-how we provide successful manufacturing concepts for the paint and coatings industry to increase production efficiency.

Furthermore, we integrate the modular raw material concept into existing plant structures, enabling a process cost reduction up to 30%.

Quality and technology leadership by a new sustainable production technology

MoFa offers all the basics for the step towards "Industry 4.0". The reduction of production complexity and optimized processes lead to increased economic efficiency.

Modular manufacturing technology begins where conventional manufacturing methods reach their limits.

Our production concept

Modular manufacturing (MoFa) is a comprehensive approach consisting of modular production facility and our modular raw material concept. Only when both are matched ideally we can achieve a maximum increase in production efficiency.

raw material concept

The modular raw material concept is the software for the production technology. The aim is to ensure that a product portfolio can be manufactured efficiently with as few components as possible using modular production technology. A successful plant concept can only be realized by rationalizing raw materials. 


Modular production facilities

A modular plant concept is available for each scope of application. The standardized modular system allows a high degree of individualization as well as the possibility of a simple modular system expansion.

Modular production facilities

With our know-how and many years of experience in process and application engineering, we develop cross-industry solutions for the design of customized production plants.

The basis for the construction of a modular production plant is the modular raw material concept.

With our expertise in the modularization of recipes and the development of modular raw material building blocks, we offer the appropriate software for the customer-specific production facilities.

The modular plant concept impresses with maximum flexibility and ranges from stand-alone machines to turnkey, automated production plants.


Unique improvement in formulation development for laboratory and pilot plant


The most compact paint factory in the world on 30 m²



Increased efficiency with an individual modular manufacturing plant


Product portfolio

Matte pastes


Spacer Matting Paste

Paste based on silicic acid

Filler pastes


Spacer Filler Paste

Filler paste based on barium sulphate

Pigment pastes


Spacer Colour Paste P - Special White

Paste based on a rutile pigment for high opacity and colour intensity