Quality and technology leadership by a new sustainable production technology

Modular production technology comes into play where traditional production methods reach their limits.

Special features of modular production technology

  • High degree of automation possible

  • Tracking of real-time production data (big data)

  • High process stability and global scalability

  • Combination of different process steps in one machine (dispersing and mixing without air intake)

  • Increased industrial hygiene and safety as a result of the closed production process

  • Fast transfer of solids into slurries without silo technology (unloading of Silotrucks/Big Bags)

  • Sustainability and environmental protection through significant reduction in energy consumption and waste volumes

  • Flexible production of a wide range of batch sizes from 10 - 40,000 l

MoFa offers all the basics for the step towards "Industry 4.0". The reduction of production complexity and optimized processes lead to increased economic efficiency.

Modular raw material concept

Production of finished goods by using intermediates in a mixing process.

The aim of the modular raw material concept is to enable a customer to map their product portfolio with as few modular components (intermediates) as possible.

Modular components are created by analyzing the function of the raw materials used. These is the basis for the manufacturing of finished goods by using a simple mixing process.