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As an internationally recognized specialist and technology leader, we advise you on the broad application possibilities of modular manufacturing technology. Our goal is to find the ideal customized solution for you in a joint cooperation.

Increasing your productivity and reducing process costs is the main goal. With our proof of concept, we offer you the opportunity to validate the potential of our technology in relation to your application. 

The proof of concept will allow you to make a decision on the path how to go forward. 


Proof of concept


The aim of the proof of concept is to identify and recognize the potential for the modular manufacturing technology for a customer-specific product portfolio.

In a close cooperation, we introduce the customer into the world of the modular production technology.

After reviewing the current situation, we start with the formation and the introduction of the modular concept.

In workshops, we analyze the formulations for their potential on raw materials and recipe modularization. With the know-how imparted, modular products are manufactured on the Micro-MoFa (laboratory plant) to be tested for their performance in according to the existing process.

The completion of a proof of concept serves as a decision-making basis for further action, like the planning and construction of a modular manufacturing plant.

Planning and construction of a modular manufacturing plant

Coarse planning

Planning workshops for the development of an individualized modular manufacturing plant

During the coarse planning of the modular production facility (MoFa), the process technology is first defined with the customer. The respective process and production sequences are worked out and illustrated as a block flow diagram.

The plant layout is individually designed based on raw materials, intermediates and finished goods complied in a 2D layout plan.

The aim of the three to four-month coarse planning phase is to provide a budget offer.

Planning workshops for the development of an individualized modular manufacturing plant

In the beginning of the detailed planning, possible change requests of the customer are considered.

During the detailed planning phase, equipment and trade lists, interface descriptions, control concepts and a 3D layout of the modular manufacturing plant are drawn up and agreed with the customer.

The goal of the six- to eight-month detailed planning phase is a detailed offer.

Once the order has been placed, the equipment is manufactured in cooperation with our partners and suppliers.

During the introduction phase, we train the machine operators and support our customers with the product launch.

Customized product development

The basis for customer-specific product development is our expertise in modularizing of formulations to reduce production complexity and improved cost-efficiency.

Toll manufacturing

Hemmelrath Technologies GmbH is a manufacturing company with state-of-the-art production equipment.

Our services include the production of water-based materials:

  • Slurries (titanium dioxide, barium sulphate, etc.)
  • Pigment preparations (organic/inorganic)
  • Paint and coatings systems

With our modular production technology, various other products can be manufactured flexible and cost-efficient. The production process is certified to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

Hemmelrath Technologies GmbH offers the following services:

  • Emulsifying
  • Dissolving
  • Dispersing
  • Mixing
  • Grinding
  • Testing of finished goods and intermediates
  • Filling
  • Labeling
  • Shipping


We are already a toll manufacturer in the following areas:
Automotive coatings, decorative coatings, printing inks, general industrial coatings, …


Would you like further advice on toll manufacturing?

HTC products

We simplify your production process by
using our aquamediates.

Pigments and fillers in powder form are often difficult to handle. Dust formation and difficult incorporation complicate the production process. In addition, the performance of the powder only becomes apparent when it is finely dispersed in the formulation.

This is why we offer to the benefitt of our customers ready-to-use pigment pastes and slurries for the universal use in aqueous media.

What are aquamediates?

Farben Auge

Advantages in application


Selected product portfolio

Paste schwarz

What are aquamediates?

Aquamediates are highly effective pastes for universal use in aqueous media such as paints and coatings.

The binder-free HTC pastes and slurries are characterized by very good compatibility with various binder systems. The amount of additives for stabilizing pigments is reduced to the optimum by using the spacer technology.

This enables a significant reduction of additive-related side effects such as foam formation, stabilization and other paint film defects.

Advantages in application

  • Simplification of the production process
  • Reduction of additive costs in the formulation through the use of stable aquamediates
  • Fast and reproducible adjustment of different gloss levels
  • Subsequent addition to the coating system as a "post-add"